We were interested in Jon Chonko's work because of his view on one of life's needs: food. By using a tool mainly used for office work: the flatbed scanner, he has given it a new life and uses it as a photographic vehicle. The combination of the two gave birth to Scanwiches. The intricacies of sandwiches and their unique dissection reflect the food-oriented world we live in. 



Scanwiches by Jon Chonko, is the detailed discovery of ingredients, culture and memories through the scanning of bifurcated sandwiches using a standard flatbed scanner.

Jon has been working on this project for some time, and in November of 2011 released a book with powerHouse Books under the same name.


For JS55/JnrlStr  Jon has created signed, limited edition giclée prints of 11 of his favorite scanwiches at various sizes for "education and delight", as well as a larger-than-life video projection of sandwich scanning greatness.

Jon Chonko

Texas-born artist and designer Jon Chonko went to Syracuse University for a BS in Graphic Arts. He has been a designer since graduating in 2005 and currently contributes to the works of the Google Creative Lab.  Chonko is a man who likes food and more precisely sandwiches. Presently residing in Brooklyn, Chonko's Scanwiches project has been reviewed by a large spectrum of publications fromThe Wall Street Journal to The Huffington Post, as well as many worldwide food blogs. 

After three years of intensive scanning and experimentation with sandwiches, PowerHouse Books in collaboration with Chonko released a book dedicated to the art of scanning sandwiches.