Scanwiches by Jon Chonko, is the detailed discovery of ingredients, culture and memories through the scanning of bifurcated sandwiches using a standard flatbed scanner.


Jon has been working on this project for some time, and in November of 2011 released a book with powerHouse Books under the same name.


For JS55 Gallery Jon has created signed, limited edition giclée prints of 11 of his favorite scanwiches at various sizes for "education and delight", as well as a larger-than-life video projection of sandwich scanning greatness.


From The Artist

With Scanwiches I wanted to celebrate the remarkable qualities of one of my favorite foods, sandwiches. They're these beautiful and personal objects that are easily forgotten or ignored. They have these architectural qualities, they're constructed, not just made, that's cool to me and I wanted to expose their intricacies. 


I also love that they hold so many stories. Everybody eats food, and a lot of people eat sandwiches and for every sandwich there is some story. 


Sandwiches like the hamburger tell us about the shaping of a nation. Individual sandwiches can jog a long-forgotten childhood memory like the smell of 3rd grade or that time we puked in the cafeteria in kindergarten. Deeply personal and important stories hide between those layers of bread.


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Jon Chonko
Sandwiches, Flatbed Scanner, Premium Glossy Photo Paper
Preview Date
14 NOV 2011
Opening Date
22 NOV 2011
Closing Date
18 DEC 2011 (extended!)